Learning Recovery Grants

Education Provider Application

We’ve been hearing about the learning loss children have suffered ever since the public schools shutdown during the pandemic. The impact of COVID-19 on students’ academic achievement has been devastating. And in communities where the schools have been failing, those children lost even more of their academic competency.

Here is the good news! Help is on its way! The Virginia Department of Education announced last year there will be Learning Recovery Grants available to ALL students ages 5-19 in Virginia. That program is about to go live in May. Families who earn 300% or below the federal poverty line will qualify for a $3,000 grant per child and families that earn above 300% of the federal poverty line will receive a $1,500 grant per child. As soon as the application portal is live, we will send out the link to apply.

This is very important! This program can only be successful if we have enough education providers to handle the demand that is certainly to come. If you are a licensed teacher or a former teacher who is still licensed, you may qualify to help students who receive a Learning Recovery Grant. Additionally, please forward this email to any tutoring or after school care organizations who you think might be interested in participating in this program. Having enough education providers is critical to helping all children recover from their learning loss.

Here is the link to apply to become an education provider in the Learning Recovery Grant program.

There is much work to be done, and the challenge for students, educators, and parents is considerable. However, our children are resilient. With these Learning Recovery Grants, they have an opportunity to not only recover their learning loss but also a chance to go beyond anything they dream.