About the Virginia Education Opportunity Alliance


The Virginia Education Opportunity Alliance (VEOA) is a non-partisan non-profit set-up to create a statewide grassroots coalition to promote parental rights and education opportunities. 

The VEOA was founded in November 2021 in response to the outrage expressed by Virginia  parents over the discovery of the divisive curriculum used to teach their children and the deliberate attempt by school boards to separate parents from important decisions concerning their children’s education.

The VEOA Executive Committee meets weekly to discuss strategy and execution. The coalition membership began to grow soon after the VEOA was founded. As of July 2022, over 60 organizations 
and individuals including the Thomas Jefferson Institute, Heritage Action, Virginia Institute of Public Policy, The Family Foundation, The Middle Resolution Policy Network, and Americans for Prosperity have joined the coalition.

The VEOA Coalition members are provided with training and resources to effectively grow a grassroots movement across the state increasing support for more opportunities in education and improved curriculum transparency in the public schools. 

In closing, VEOA is focused on improving transparency within the public-schools so that parents have the information they need to make informed decisions about their child’s education. Once they have that information, it is vital they have access to innovative solutions that empower them to pursue educational options that are best suited to their child’s individual learning styles.